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Our Services


Our Services


We focusing mainly on transports and we give support to develop their business we provide app for them. In our app is interlinked with our client app and truckdrivers/owners app. When the client required truck, the information will be shared surrounding 5 to15 km near transports. And transports will send quotation to the client. At this point the client will select best price and make payment of Rs 118 to the Our App for the information sharing between client and transports. For quick transaction we use gate way payment option.

We also provide loads for truck through the transporter. Our truck driver/ owner app is interlinked with the transporter app. The load selected by the Truck Drivers/owner app they have to pay the 118 to our App as an information sharing service. For give best and fast service we use payment gateway for transactions.

Before the payment you trust our hard effort to provide service of information so in any circumstances, we cannot refund any payments we received.

The purpose of marketing we giving state franchisee and district franchisee. We collecting 2.50.000 security deposit for State Franchisee and Rs 10,000 Security deposit for District Franchisee. For all the payment for transparency we use payment gateway.

According to the company rules and regulations in any case of refund is required, the refunding will be done after two years only. After refund of their deposit they are not eligible for any benefit from the company.

We are providing the information of the goods to truck owners/drivers in distributionApp, once a truck owner/driver made a selection then by him Lillyapp will Collect Rs100+Rs18(GST). And we are also truck availability to goods owner in clientapp, once a client agree to send his goods in a truck then he also has to pay Rs100+Rs18(GST).