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About Us

Heartily welcome to Lilly,

Who are we?

We are a transport industry startup company with 10 years team research experience. Our research team spoke with so many industry experts, professionals, truck owners, drivers and also transports. We have a technical and support team of professionals with more than 50 people with us.


William Stephen S.

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Why are we here?

We can find so many existing players in the transport industry; here we are trying to fix the drawbacks of those applications. Based on our team research, keeping real users' experiences in mind we solve major problems of truck owners and client’s using technology.

An efficient transport network is a prerequisite for rapid economic growth. The economic growth of a country speeds up with an improvement in transportation facilities. How, in a healthy human body blood circulation is important to keep humans alive like a way to keep economic condition healthier in the country transportation is important.

We would like to work as Indian economy backbone helping transport industry.


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